One of the coolest things about working for PostRank is that I am part of creating a product that I can be very passionate about because I am one of the sorts of people it’s made for. In short, I eat our dog food. So I wanted to dedicate today’s post to sharing a small anecdote about one of the killer features of PostRank Analytics, the Activity Stream.

It’s interesting that I’ve chosen to go the path of the Rubyist because it’s a path that combines two things that I love very much: Japan and programming. Ruby Kaigi is a Ruby conference held in Japan, which I unfortunately missed this year. However, my blog didn’t, and I was made aware of it thanks to PostRank.

One of my most popular posts is one I wrote about using Authlogic and ActiveLDAP to let a Rails app do pass-through authentication to an LDAP server. It has been bookmarked over 50 times on delicious and has seen a bit of love in the comments and on Twitter as well. Onc of those tweets was hash-tagged #rubykaigi, so I followed up to ask if my post showed up at the conference. Turns out it did. Ruby and LDAP integration was one of the topics at this year’s Ruby Kaigi and my blog post was one of the ideas presented for integrating LDAP with Rails.

I would not have known any of this were I not watching my blog’s Activity Stream on PostRank Analytics. Hopefully I can be at Ruby Kaigi next year — it’s being called “The Final RubyKaigi”, which I’m hoping doesn’t mean there will never be another one — but my blog was there and PostRank told me about it. Now that’s eating your own dog food.

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