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Radiant CMS in Japanese

(Japan, Programming)

Recently, I started a project to translate Radiant CMS into Japanese.  I started with Keith Bingman’s Radiant fork and added a Japanese message bundle.  Since then, Hirotaka Mizutani has been offering his help with the translation as well.

Things I Want for My Android


Here’s a short list of things I’d really like to see for Android that I haven’t found yet.  Maybe some of these exist, but I’m experimenting with the SDK to see if I can’t fill some of these holes myself.

  • Facebook Contact Sync:  There’s an application for downloading Facebook profile pictures and associating them with Google/phone contacts but I wouldn’t mind being able to synchronize contact data too.  There are so many people whose phone numbers and e-mail addresses I can only retrieve via Facebook that this kind of application would save me a lot of time.
  • Facebook Application: As I wrote in my previous post, there’s no decent Facebook application for the Android.  I’d be happy with a fairly lightweight interface that just allows me to follow my friends updates, access my inbox, and browse profiles and photos.
  • Freshbooks Time Tracker:  Freshbooks created one for the iPhone, but there doesn’t seem to be one for Android.  Just the basic functionality of being able to select a project and task, start/pause/stop a timer, and submit the hours to Freshbooks would be plenty for me.
  • Package Tracker that works with Canada Post:  I’ve seen package trackers for other carriers but none for Canada Post.  Android has only just been released in Canada, so maybe it’s just a matter of time.
  • Things (Cultured Code) Sync:  Cultured Code has a Things for iPhone, but there is no Things for Android.  I’ve sent in a feature request but have received no answer as of yet.  I imagine that they probably don’t care, seeing as it’s a Mac-only app.  =(
  • A Real Japanese IME:  There are a number of applications that serve as an IME for Japanese but none are integrated into the Android Input Method Framework. Instead, I must open the application via an ongoing notification, enter my text, and then copy and paste it into the text box that I was intending to type into.  I’ve also recently noticed that this interferes with the software keyboard that I recently downloaded.  I can’t use “Touch Input” and one of these programs at the same time because Touch Input helpfully corrects my romaji into English words.  >_<

Review: HTC Dream from Rogers


On June 2nd, I joined the Revolution.  Rogers released the first Android phones in Canada, the HTC Dream and Magic.  I purchased the Dream and I’ve been using it quite heavily for the past week and a half, so I’ve decided to write my informal review of the HTC Dream from Rogers.

Back from Ruby Job Fair


In short, Ruby Job Fair was awesome!

The turnout from the Toronto Ruby community was excellent and I made and strengthened a lot of professional connections.  I even got some compliments on my display and print-outs!  Just in case you missed them, I’ll be posting them here soon.

It did feel like there were more developers than people looking to hire developers, but this was just the first of what I’m sure will be many such events.  In any case, I did hand out a lot of my brand new business cards and a few of my resumes.

I can’t wait for FutureRuby!

Ruby Job Fair


Ruby Job Fair will be held today from 11am to 6pm at the Gladstone Hotel in downtown Toronto.  At this job fair, Rubyists looking for work will be presenting themselves and their skills without computers or smartphones.  We’ve been asked to leave our MacBooks at home.  Instead, our presentations will be made in old-school Science Fair style.

It’s a unique premise for an event that I’m pretty sure only Pete Forde’s imagination could cook up and I’m proud to announce that I’ll be taking part in it.  I will have a posterboard and two binders showcasing my skills and previous work and I’ll also have an extra special surprise.  What’s the surprise?  Stop by and see!  =)

Hope to see you at the Job Fair!