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Creepy Rails Error Message


Below is a screenshot of an error I received from my day job Rails app while I was testing it yesterday. I think it might be trying to tell me something…

Could not find workitem with ID=666

Could not find workitem with ID=666

I got this when I was following a link to open a work item that no longer existed in the database. I caught it in time to make a screenshot and circulate to everyone in the office before moving on with my work.

Happy Halloween, everyone! =D

In other news, I’m being asked to look over the Japanese translation of Radiant again, which I will find some time to do in the next week or so. I think I’ve found a new place to record my podcast so I’m looking forward to producing episodes of The Japanese Learner again early in November.

“Where did Enrico go?”


You might all be wondering where the heck I’ve been the last couple of weeks and why there isn’t yet a blog post on how to do LDAP groups-based RBAC with declarative_authorization and ActiveLdap. There is a branch in my authlogic_example fork for that, but I haven’t had time to write new content for the blog because…

I’m moving. Moving day is tomorrow and I’m still scrambling to get everything ready. The logistics look like they’re going have very little room for error but I think we’ll be fine; we’ve got lots of help!

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