If you’re running a large-scale Ruby project, chances are that god is monitoring your long-running, background processes. I’ve had some encounters with god and I decided that I was fed up with not having tab completion for it.

So I created gabriel. gabriel helps you communicate with god by offering completions for subcommands, options, tasks, and group names for your bash shell. Installing it is pretty simple:

$ gem install gabriel
$ gabriel-install
(From there, follow the on-screen instructions)

To ensure you get completions in every session, confirm that your .bashrc is sourced in your .bash_profile (or .profile, if you’re a bit more old-school).

This is my first foray into shell scripting and into publishing a ruby gem, so check out the source and if you can make gabriel even better, please do contribute your patches.

May god watch kindly over all of your processes.