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How PostRank Analytics Brought Me To Ruby Kaigi


One of the coolest things about working for PostRank is that I am part of creating a product that I can be very passionate about because I am one of the sorts of people it’s made for. In short, I eat our dog food. So I wanted to dedicate today’s post to sharing a small anecdote about one of the killer features of PostRank Analytics, the Activity Stream. Read the rest of this entry »

Communication Shutdown? Get Real!


The “I Like It” meme to promote breast cancer awareness, in which women posted cryptic updates stating where they liked to set their purse — and this without actually mentioning the word “purse” so that for all the world it looked like a whole bunch of women posting about places they like to have sex (e.g. “I like it on the counter”) — was patently stupid. It managed to be even more backwards than the campaign that preceded it in which women posted updates stating only the colour of their bras. At the very least, that one managed to somehow involve breasts.

Today, a global fundraiser for Autism called “Communication Shutdown” kicked off. The idea? Encourage people to pay for and download a “chapp” (charity app) and shut off Twitter and Facebook for the entire day. Read the rest of this entry »